Cambridge Brass Band

Making Music since 1877 – Cambridge Brass is one of the oldest Brass Bands in New Zealand.

Cambridge Brass Band July 2022.

Making Music since 1877

Cambridge Brass Band is a community group of brass musicians and their supporters. There is the Senior Band, and an Auxiliary Band for players who are new to brass banding or returning to playing but wanting to brush up their skills. Occasionally we also play in smaller groups where a more intimate offering is more appropriate.

We regularly play in concerts for our local community, and are the band of choice for local civic functions. The Senior band also enter regional band and national competitions. The emphasis on our playing is to provide entertaining and approachable music, but most of all to have fun.

The Senior Band practices weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 9pm at its own bandroom situated at 26A Vogel Street within the town‘s ‘Green’ belt. When we have sufficient demand the Auxiliary Band practices from 5.45 – 6.45pm before the Senior Band.

Some of our more experienced players are able to offer individual brass tuition.

Our bandroom is also used by a number of the other community and craft groups that support various aspects of the social and cultural life of Cambridge.

The band owns some instruments which can be used on loan to members.

Cambridge Brass Band

Band Organisation

President: Duncan Smith

Musical Director: Rob Hocking

Assistant Musical Director: Jack Redpath

Secretary: Anne Ferrier-Watson

Cambridge Brass is a full member of the New Zealand Brass Bands Association and is governed by its and our own rules. We are an incorporated society under the Incorporated Society’s Act.

The Band has a management committee, with additional members co-opted onto a general committee to facilitate the various activities required keep a busy band functioning. This means we are always happy for members to contribute their individual skills to help out the band.